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We are a generation that has lived through the greatest wave of change since the industrial revolution.  We started school with pencils and chalkboards and radios in our homes.  None of us dreamt of having an online business because it simply didn’t exist.

Our families and schools purchased television sets and we watched man land on the moon then saw the horrors of the Vietnam War in our lounge room. Our careers involved a constant upgrading of the latest ways of doing things, from slide rules to desktops computers to laptops to mobile devices. During our lives we have been propelled from book learning and traditional retail to online business and learning, with technology in every facet of our lives.

We have been a remarkably adaptable generation, and many baby boomers have strong technology skills. Age is not an issue online if you are willing to learn the contemporary ways of creating an income.

Many over 50s start their own business online, and the type of business that could be successful is only limited by your imagination, your interests and research about what people are looking for.

Even if your are considering a traditional business, for example using your skills as a consultant or offering a service, you still will need an online presence so need to understand online business strategies.

Learning how you can create an online business is an eye-opener when you realise the many types of businesses that people do, and is also great mental stimulation. Read some of the posts below to get some ideas about online business options.


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Do Keyword Research

Do Keyword Research

By Jenni Proctor / March 29, 2019

Keyword Research Is Essential Your content marketing strategy’s success depends largely on the keywords you target so you need to do keyword research. If you’re targeting the wrong kinds of […]

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Brainstorm Content Ideas

How Will You Get Content Ideas For Your Blog?

By Jenni Proctor / March 27, 2019

Brainstorm Content Ideas Your content marketing strategy must involve the consistent production of high-quality content.  Short, uninspired and absolutely random blog posts are just not acceptable to the reader or […]

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Create Your Avatar INB_47129_14456

Create Your Avatar

By Jenni Proctor / March 26, 2019

How Do You Create Your Avatar? Now that you’ve identified who your target audience is, it’s time to create your avatar. Basically, audience avatars are fictional people who represent your […]

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Research Your Ideal Audience

Research Your Ideal Audience

By Jenni Proctor / March 24, 2019

If you don’t research your ideal audience very well it is unlikely that you will understand their wants, needs, hopes and fears. This means you are not going to be […]

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setting content marketing goals

Content Marketing Goals

By Jenni Proctor / March 23, 2019

The success of your content marketing goals will depend on how well you plan it. You can’t just throw some content together and expect it to be a smashing success. […]

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Content Marketing Plan

What is Content Marketing?

By Jenni Proctor / March 22, 2019

Content Marketing is a phrase that you will often read when you are learning about online business.  With billions of websites competing for attention it is important to share information […]

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Instagram Logo public domain image

6 Tips To Increase Your Instagram Presence

By Jenni Proctor / March 21, 2019

Instagram now has more than 1 billion monthly active users, just as experts estimated it would by the end of 2018. That’s more than three times the monthly active users […]

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goal setting

Goal Setting: 90 Days At A Time

By Jenni Proctor / March 20, 2019

Goal setting is more effective if the goals feel achievable. What happens when you give yourself a goal to do something in the next year? You procrastinate. “A year? Heck, […]

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Boomerpreneurs learning at a retreat in Costa Rica

Boom in Boomerpreneurs

By Jenni Proctor / January 15, 2018

What is a BOOMERPRENEUR? Many people in the baby boomer generation desire elements of a retirement lifestyle…freedom, travel, less stress. But they want to combine this with some income producing […]

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Website design for mobile devices

Home Based Business Website Tip

By Jenni Proctor / September 24, 2017

How to make your website look great on mobile devices Many people who start a home based business make the mistake of thinking that once their website is up and […]

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Photo taken from the video interview ofJohn David Mann, co-author of The Go-Giver

An Interview With The Go-Giver

By Jenni Proctor / September 23, 2017

John David Mann, Co-author of “The Go-Giver” This week I really enjoyed watching the video which I have shared below.  My friends Chris and Susan Beesley interviewed John David Mann […]

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Online community through social media

Your Online Community Contributes To Your Success

By Jenni Proctor / September 23, 2017

Being part of an online community We recently attended a great business event, three days in a capital city about 1000 kms from home.  We arrived knowing only two people […]

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