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Brainstorm Content Ideas

Your content marketing strategy must involve the consistent production of high-quality content.  Short, uninspired and absolutely random blog posts are just not acceptable to the reader or to search engines.  You can’t expect boring content or content ideas that no-one is interested in to rank on the top of Google and other search engines.

I have found the best starting point is to brainstorm content ideas, recording all ideas that come up, not being judgemental about  any ideas that occur to you, and not even sorting the ideas as they evolve. Just let them flow.  You may be amazed at what your brain will come up with.

Brainstorm Content IdeasIn the old days, the quantity over quality approach may have worked, but nowadays, search engines have become smarter. You’re basically competing with hundreds or tens of thousands of websites in your niche.

If you want to outrank everybody you need to come up with valuable content. And by valuable, I mean content that has the potential to change your audience’s lives for the better! Something that offers a unique insight into your niche, something that will establish your brand as an authority. Not just some ‘me too’ content that rehashed what everyone else is writing about.

Brainstorming for suitable content ideas is a great way to fill up your content pipeline. If you’re asking if you need a content pipeline, the answer is a big, resounding ‘YES!’

You should have at least 30 to 50 ideas in your pipeline, though of course the more ideas you can add the better it will be, so you don’t need to worry about it for the foreseeable future.

Here are some Brainstorming Techniques you can use.

Answer the 5 W’s and the H.

This is one of the most basic techniques you can use to generate content ideas. Basically, you’ve got a central idea, and you answer the 5 W’s (who, what, why, where, when) and the H (how).

Check what’s popular and trending.

Then find a way to connect your niche to the latest events. You could do it with what’s popular in politics or even the top TV shows on Netflix.

Get inspiration from your competitors.

Find out what kind of topics get the most likes and shares on your competitors’ blogs and see how you can put your own spin on it. Of course, you’re not going to plagiarize, but what you can do is you can create content that’s far better than any of your competitors!

Mind mapping.

This is a great technique because you can visually see the themes and sub-themes for your main idea. You can have as many ‘branches’ and ‘sub-branches’ as you like.

Use content ideas generators. There are quite a few content idea generators you can use to come up with some original and fun topics. Here are a few of them:

Ubersuggest (https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest)

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator (https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator)

Portent’s Title Maker Tool (https://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker)

You can try a combination of different brainstorming techniques to help you generate the most ideas in the shortest amount of time. You may get some farfetched or seemingly impossible ideas for now, but don’t throw these out yet. Create a list of priority topics and then another list for possible future topics.

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