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CMDay3 Create Your Avatar

How Do You Create Your Avatar?

Now that you’ve identified who your target audience is, it’s time to create your avatar. Basically, audience avatars are fictional people who represent your ideal customers or clients. They are a composite of your ideal audience’s characteristics.

Create Your Avatar INB_47129_14456The more information you put into your buyer persona, the better it will be for your content marketing campaign. This is because you can then easily create content that your ideal audience will be able to relate to.

Here’s a good template you can use when you create your avatar.

It’s best to fill out all the details in the template to make your persona as ‘real’ as possible. If you can add a picture, that will be great, too. Putting a face to a name will help you a lot during the content creation process. It will make you care about the type of content you’re making because now you know people like ‘John’ or ‘Jane’ is going to benefit a lot from your content!

But how are you going to get the background info on your audience persona? Do you just make it up as you go along?

Since you’ve come this far, and you’ve done a lot of research into who your audience is, then it’s best to make your persona as representative and as accurate of who your audience actually is.

Check Your Site Analytics

You can check your site analytics for demographic information, you can research on social media, you can do some research into the people who are active on your blog and social platforms, or you can just go and ask your audience to tell you more about them.

Avatars are useful only when they’re accurate. If they’re not, then you’re essentially wasting your time, and you’d feel like you’re fishing in the dark. You’re wondering why no one’s coming to your website, or if you do get visitors, why they leave right away. Maybe it’s because you didn’t create your avatar correctly and so you’re not targeting the right persona or the right audience.

It may take you more than a day to create the perfect avatar, but keep in mind that this is an important part of the process. And your content marketing success will greatly depend on how well you do this step.

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