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We are a generation that has lived through the greatest wave of change since the industrial revolution.  We started school with pencils and chalkboards and radios in our homes.  None of us dreamt of having an online business because it simply didn’t exist.

Our families and schools purchased television sets and we watched man land on the moon then saw the horrors of the Vietnam War in our lounge room. Our careers involved a constant upgrading of the latest ways of doing things, from slide rules to desktops computers to laptops to mobile devices. During our lives we have been propelled from book learning and traditional retail to online business and learning, with technology in every facet of our lives.

We have been a remarkably adaptable generation, and many baby boomers have strong technology skills. Age is not an issue online if you are willing to learn the contemporary ways of creating an income.

Many over 50s start their own business online, and the type of business that could be successful is only limited by your imagination, your interests and research about what people are looking for.

Even if your are considering a traditional business, for example using your skills as a consultant or offering a service, you still will need an online presence so need to understand online business strategies.

Learning how you can create an online business is an eye-opener when you realise the many types of businesses that people do, and is also great mental stimulation. Read some of the posts below to get some ideas about online business options.


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Use Social Media Trends To Make Money Online

By Jenni Proctor / June 18, 2017

You Can’t Ignore Social Media For Business If you are interested in making money online, or have any sort of business which you will market through social media, you need […]

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Chris & Susan Beesley presenting a workshop at the MOBE Supercharge Summit

Enjoying Online Business Opportunities And Friendship

By Jenni Proctor / June 5, 2015

When I work with people changing their careers, or even just chat socially with people and the conversation turns to work, so many express the desire to work for themselves. […]

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