Having a positive mindset, embracing your life and circumstances with an optimistic outlook and looking forward towards a life that you enjoy, are vital for your mental wellbeing.

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Are You Unconsciously Blocking Your Business Success?

Are You Unconsciously Blocking Your Business Success?

By Jenni Proctor / August 31, 2019

If I were to ask you whether you wanted your business to grow and thrive, you would say yes, right?  And if I suggested you are blocking your own business […]

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Books by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki Challenges Your Thinking About Work and Money

By Jenni Proctor / May 31, 2018

Work and Money Tips from Robert Kiyosaki Robert Kiyosaki, author and entrepreneur, became famous for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books. In this video he outlines his four-quadrant […]

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Rules for Success - Simon Sinek

Top 10 Rules for Success – Simon Sinek

By Jenni Proctor / January 23, 2018

Simon Sinek‘s top rules for success are complied in this interesting video. Whatever you want to do with your life it is always interesting to see what truly successful thought […]

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How To Regain Confidence Back

By Jenni Proctor / December 17, 2014

When your confidence has been shattered it is difficult to pick yourself up and move on in your career and your life. This series of 5 Slideshare presentations will help […]

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How to Regain Your Confidence: Part 5 You Have Choices

By Jenni Proctor / October 31, 2014

You have choices The biggest difference between a confident person and someone who lacks confidence is that the confident person recognises that they have choices and they are prepared to back […]

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How to Regain Your Confidence: Part 4 Build a Success Mindset

By Jenni Proctor / October 31, 2014

Build a Success Mindset Having a success mindset is about believing, deep in your core, that you are a successful person, and that you can achieve anything you set your […]

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