Are You The Same Person You Were Ten Years Ago?

Older woman looking depressedThere are few things more depressing than looking back at old photos from many years before and realising how much your appearance has changed. Visually the changes are obvious and you can't help but acknowledge them. 

But the changes that take place in our psychology are much more subtle.  We are constantly changing our thoughts, what we value, the paradigms that direct our lives. When you look back at the choices you made 10 years ago, or the entertainment that you enjoyed, you recognise that changes happened.  They were probably slow and gentle, so they crept up on you almost without you realising, but there comes a time when you realise that your thoughts, choices, values and preferences are different from how you they used to be. The way you think and act is not static throughout your life.

What mindset is running your life right now? Is it stopping you from doing what you really would like to do?  Are you getting in your own way?  

Enjoy this inspiring TED video beautifully presented by Dan Gilbert, Harvard psychologist and author – The Psychology of Your Future Self.

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Jenni Proctor

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