Robert Kiyosaki Challenges Your Thinking

Robert Kiyosaki, author and entrepreneur, became famous for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books. In this video he outlines his four-quadrant model which illustrates four very different attitudes to work and money.

Books by Robert Kiyosaki

  • The Employee seeks security.
  • The Small business owner or self-employed thinks they need to do everything themselves if it is to be done properly.
  • The Business person wants good systems and surrounds themselves with smart people who can improve and run their business.
  • The Investor expects their money to work for them.
  • Robert Kiyosaki suggests that if you are to successfully make the move from employee to entrepreneur you need to change your way of thinking, change your internal money mindset.

    Is there an entrepreneur lurking within you who is just waiting for a chance to experience this internal mind shift, then make it happen in your life? Many people are ditching the idea of a traditional retirement to embrace a new lifestyle, generating income from their own online business.

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    Jenni Proctor

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