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Boomers Next Step provides information and ideas about starting your own business, working from home and being entrepreneurial.

Current information to help you start a business in Australia will be coming to this site soon. Please note that some of the articles written  for this category by the previous site owner, Bill, contain US information.

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5 things to know before starting your own business

By Jenni Proctor / October 22, 2012

Finally making the decision to start your own business is exciting, intimidating, and invigorating, all at once. It can be one of the most daring things we choose to do […]

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How to Use Business Editing to Create a Flawless Business Plan

By Bill / March 19, 2012

To make the best impression, it is important to have your business plan checked over by a professional who has experience editing business documents. Business editing can make your plan […]

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Work From Home Ideas

By Bill / November 28, 2011

Virtual Assistant  You could start a virtual assistant service using the camera on your computer to be a business professional’s personal planner and set appointments. Be someone’s personal secretary. If […]

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Baby Boomers: Are You Prepared to Restructure Your Life?

By Bill / August 1, 2011

Are you a baby boomer who’s ready to retire, and if so, are you ready for retirement? That’s the big question. If you are like me, a baby boomer in […]

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2 Tips for Finally Starting that Business

By Bill / March 14, 2011

Tip #1: Avoid The Bank and Take Care of the Customer We see it time and time again. A talented entrepreneur gets a fantastic idea that will change the world […]

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Find Best Online Jobs To Work At Home

By Bill / April 19, 2010

How do you find online jobs? Available work from home positions? It is not as easy as some make it sound. If you are trying to figure out how to […]

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Working From Home-The Discipline Factor

By Bill / April 12, 2010

Deciding to work at home is a huge step towards obtaining financial independence and having an optimized lifestyle. But all too often, people fall victim to distractions and their productivity […]

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Supplementing your Income Networking on the Internet

By Jenni Proctor / April 9, 2010

Plug into the world Do you run out of money before your next check comes in? Whether you are a stay at home parent, retired, or perhaps your income just […]

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How to Find Home-Based Jobs

By Bill / March 3, 2010

If you start searching online for a job you can do in your own office or at your kitchen table, it can get frustrating. You are bound to find a […]

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