Ten Daily Success Habits Help You Finish Projects, Get Work Done and Take Action Toward Your Goals

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Do you want to successfully complete projects? A lot of people say they do and then they don’t do anything to make them happen. Being successful at whatever you choose to do is really an inside job.

Do you want more money, love, and joy in your life? You must be in action to get what you want. Establishing, and sticking with, daily success habits keeps you focused and moving forward.  Soon the success habits will become part of your life and you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

Whether it’s a home makeover, starting a small business or planning a big event (like a family wedding perhaps?), successful execution depends on taking at least one daily action step toward the goal you have set for yourself. (You do have a goal, right?)

Home office distractions

If your office is in your home this presents an even bigger challenge for being successful at whatever project you are working on.

Distractions are everywhere. The refrigerator. The laundry. Facebook. Email. Amazon.com, text messaging and walking the dog can easily take you away from the important tasks at hand.

Do not allow that to happen or you will never accomplish anything. Stay Focused.

Ten Daily Success Habits

Here are Ten Daily Success Habits that my clients and I use to jumpstart our intentions and accomplish something each day. The more you choose to use them, the more you will get done, the more success you will achieve.

1. Develop a routine.

Ask yourself, “What is my working style?” Do you prefer to work in the morning, the evening or in small increments throughout the day? Make appointments with yourself. Put them in your calendar. If you only have time for one action step per day schedule it and stick with it.

2. Start your day with a smile.

Wake up and be grateful for this day. Take a moment to stretch. Before you eat or drink anything, energize and alkalize your body with a cup of hot water with lemon.

3. Define your daily goal.

Be clear about what you want to accomplish. Break big tasks into little actions. Taking one baby step is better than taking no steps.

4. Do only what you love to do or you will not do it.

Delegate or dump anything that keeps you stuck in the land of excuses. Get a virtual assistant to whom you can confidently delegate the jobs you dislike or don’t do well.

5. Train family members and friends to respect your working time.

Put up a note, lock the door or go to the library or your favorite coffee shop if necessary.  If friends call for a chat remind them that you are working and suggest a time you could call them back. (This can be a major problem if many of your friends are already retired and you feel rude telling them that you can’t talk now.) Turning down coffee invitations is difficult too!

6. Set yourself up.

Do you tend to jump up and run to the refrigerator or down the hall for a tissue? Arm yourself with a no-excuses-supply of beverages, snacks, tissues,lip balm.

Make sure you have all the necessities you will need to get down to business and not have to keep jumping up, which is an avoidance tactic.

7. Work on a deadline.

My clients and I use the timer system. If a task is expected to take 30 minutes, set your timer and go. By doing this you will stay on task and learn how long it takes to accomplish each task. Reset the timer until you have successfully completed your daily action step.

8. Work with a friend, colleague or coach.

Set up an accountability arrangement with another person working from home. Using the timer system helps to get tough tasks completed. Use a ‘call and check in’ accountability system.  How this works is you and your buddy call each other for a 10 second touch base call when you start and a call to let your buddy know when you finish. A phone call is more powerful here than a text because of the human voice connection factor. Make the call.

9. LOVE your work environment.

This seems like a no-brainer but make sure where you work is a place you want to be. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Have a great chair like the Balance Ball Chair or whatever sort suits you and makes you feel comfortable. You can take breaks and get a good stretch.

10. Celebrate your success each day.

At the end of the each day write down 5 things you did today that moved your project forward. Reward yourself by taking some time to get outside, take a walk, connect with others. Recharge and get ready to begin again.

“Embrace responsibility. Most people run from responsibility-that’s why they’re broke. Rich people are willing to take on big responsibilities-that’s why they’re rich.”

~T. Harv Eker

Guest AuthorNancy Mindes is a trained professional Attraction Coach who has helped hundreds of clients since 2000. She works with women who want to be audacious and bold, live rich, play big and do good. She is a Peak Potentials certified Train the Trainer motivational speaker and author.

Updated 16 October 2019

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