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Resume Tips and Job Application Tips

By Jenni Proctor / August 27, 2013

Resume and Interview Tips by Julie Street from Life Path Career Coaching and Clarity Career Management.  Guest blogger Julie Street provides assistance for you to prepare a job application.  This document offers concise […]

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Baby Boomers and Digital Technology

By Jenni Proctor / August 27, 2013

This informative Powerpoint was presented by Lee Rainie at the Boomers Business Summit in Washington DC, March 28 2012. Baby Boomers and Digital Technology from Pew Research Center's Internet & […]

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Has Age Discrimination Affected You?

By Jenni Proctor / August 15, 2013

I’ve been asked a lot lately about whether age is the reason that a person isn’t getting the jobs they apply for. I know I should know the answer, but […]

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How to bag an executive job

By Bill / December 6, 2011

Trying to secure a job as an executive is a much more difficult process than applying for non-executive positions. The level of aptitude and proof of the necessary experience to […]

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Dodging the Age (And Any Other Discrimination) Bullet in a Job Search

By Bill / May 9, 2011

Employers are not willing to admit it, but discrimination happens all the time during the search for a candidate to fill an open position. Most candidates don’t realize that there […]

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How To Create A Career Management or Job Search Database

By Bill / April 14, 2011

Your organization steps do not end at that point. It is critical for the escalation of your career that you continuously build a database of prospective jobs, consisting of contacts […]

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