7 Readiness Factors For Leaving Your Corporate Job to Work Independently

If you are thinking of leaving your corporate job in favor of working independently, it’s a good idea to take a good look at your reasons. There is a pretty good chance that they are similar to the list below.

  1. You are frustrated about the fact that your strongest skills are not realized in your current job. This factor can be particularly important if you are thinking of leaving your current work place in favor of moving on to work independently. If you are truly frustrated it is likely that your attempts to gain recognition, within your company, for your strongest skills have failed. Or you may have found that there is really no room to utilize your greatest strengths in the context of your present position.
  2. You are finding yourself getting excited and energized about working on your own. You may notice a shift in the way that you feel when you think about working on your own, or when you speak to others about the possibility of working on your own. You may find that whether or not people support you in the possibility of leaving your position your own feelings about the possibilities are beginning to strengthen.
  3. You get immersed in tasks that interest you and are related to your strengths. This is really important. You will need to immerse yourself in your new business endeavor and your energetic focus will help keep you on track. This focused energy or “flow” will help you stay on track and maintain interest throughout the many steps involved in fully realizing your goal.
  4. You follow through on less interesting tasks if you know they are necessary to realize your goals. Unless you have the resources to hire people to do every conceivable task that you would define as boring, be prepared for the fact that developing your business – at least initially – is not all excitement. One of my greatest discoveries was that there are indeed individuals who absolutely love to do many of the tasks that I find boring. So I managed to hire a wonderful Virtual Assistant once I got my business going successfully, to take care of some of those less than exciting tasks, like billing and editing my website. Of course if you have created a great business plan, and have financing for you business, you can often factor in costs for assistants. Just remember that you will need to start producing a reasonable income to finance these expenses, so make sure you consider what you can do on your own – at least initially.
  5. You are willing to seek out mentors who have done what you want to do. People don’t always do this, particularly when they know that their idea is absolutely novel. Nevertheless, even if that’s the case, it’s always a good idea to talk to people about what they have learned in starting up their own businesses. It can certainly help prevent some costly mistakes and save time. I have to admit that I neglected this step in one of my business endeavors. It was a great lesson for me since it probably took twice as much time and money to get the business off the ground.
  6. You are willing to take the time to plan. If you do not take the time to plan your new business idea, whether your work involves consulting or is related to the creation and sale of some other product, you may find that you have exhausted your financial and emotional resources before you have reached your goal. If you are left at “Square One” it’s very hard for most people to muster the energy to needed to do it all again.
  7. You are willing to network and find out the needs of your potential clients and customers. Whether you network online or in person or both, it will be crucial to find out the needs of your clients or customers. You have probably heard of the importance of developing a “niche”. Well if you are able to continually track what clients/customers want then you will find that they will come to you for assistance as opposed to someone or some company who creates products in a vacuum. If you already have a clear niche, you are well on your way.
  8. If you have endorsed most of the above items, and you have appropriate support, then you have an exciting journey ahead.

Jeffrey Fisher, M.A., Personal and Executive Coach, and Professional Counselor, works with mid-career professionals who are at any stage in the process of leaving their corporate positions to realize their solo entrepreneurial dreams. He personally knows the power of making such a transition and his mission is to help others successfully do the same, and with passion. Sign up for his newsletter to learn ways to make this shift the most exciting and successful transition of your life. Website: www.oneyearandout.com

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