Follow Your Passion to Career Success

Imagine the joy of a career that feels more like play than work. Imagine waking up every morning eager to meet the challenges that lie ahead rather than dreading the obstacles you’ll encounter. Imagine ending every working day feeling energized instead of drained.

This is the result when you follow your passion!

So how do you achieve this? Do what you love and the rest will follow. Can you think of anyone who has realized true career success doing something that they don’t love? None come to mind.

Some of us have discovered where our passion lies, and they have pursued that path, reaping the rewards of their choice every single day!

Others understand their passion but lack the confidence or resources to make the leap of faith.

Some struggle to identify their passion and need only clarity to define it so that they can wholeheartedly follow it.

Following your passion means separating yourself from commonly accepted definitions of career success. It means using new criteria and discarding the beliefs that “this level of authority, or this level of income” will bring you happiness and success. Ask yourself when you are most happy.

That’s what Michael Gill, author of “How Starbuck’s Saved My Life”, did. At 53, he was let go from his Fortune 500 career. He had lost his prime time and energy to his career, and he had allowed it to define him. After 7 years trying to re-establish his career, he aligned his professional and personal identity and became a Starbuck’s Barista. His five lessons are:

Take the time to question yourself. Are you happy? Ask yourself what contribution you feel you are making to others? Is your life balanced? How can you create more balance? Are you respected by the people you work with? Be open to circumstances, people, and opportunities! Susan Kelly-Easton is a Personal Branding Strategist and Career Success Coach focused on empowering ambitious, experienced men and women who demand premium results to take control of their careers by boldly harnessing their unique strengths. Susan runs Competitive Edge Career Services from Prince George BC Canada, and provides career expertise to working.com, The Vancouver Sun, and the Calgary Herald. She has been a contributing author to 4 career guidebooks, is a 2 time Career Professionals of Canada Awards of Excellence nominee, and a 2009 Career Directors International Resume Nominee with more than 17 years of experience providing career services to successful clients across Canada.

To find out how Susan Kelly Easton can help you take control of your career go to http://www.cecs.ca.


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