How to bag an executive job

Trying to secure a job as an executive is a much more difficult process than applying for non-executive positions. The level of aptitude and proof of the necessary experience to cut the mustard at the lofty end of the corporate ladder is naturally higher and the required skill set has to be of a level commensurate with the position applied for.

Individuals applying for executive jobs may not have ever done so before, either due to the fact they were promoted to this level internally at a previous organisation or they have never worked at this level before.

Either way, with specific executive job searches available on websites such as Jobs Today, the task is becoming more straightforward than in days gone by. Here are a few tips to set you on your way:

Be clear on what you want

Don’t just rush into your job search before you’ve become clear on what it is you really want. Take some time and reflect on your goals. Think about what kind of organisation you want to work for. Analyse the criteria your new position must meet. Take into account any potential constraints that may exist.

Don’t just apply for advertised jobs

At this level, the notion that only a certain level of jobs are actually advertised starts to appear more true. So, don’t just limit your applications to advertised jobs. Look for hidden job opportunities by sending speculative letters to organisations which you’ve decided to target, connect with their employees through their LinkedIn company profile, and contact trade journalists through social media networks like Twitter – ask them if they know who’s hiring at executive level.

Think about your existing network of contacts

Networking can be one of the most valuable tools to bag yourself an executive job, so don’t ignore your existing network of contacts. Have a think about people you have worked with previously who might be able to help you out. Call up a contact you haven’t spoken to in a while, ask about their news and tell them about your job hunting. You’ll be surprised with the solutions and opportunities they may come up with.

Do your research fully

After you’ve identified the job vacancies you want to apply for, now comes the time when you have to start the actual application process. Don’t rush straight in on the applications; take some time to research the companies you’re applying to. The better you understand the business, the more informed and targeted your application will be. Check out the company website, explore the brand’s social media and investigate any press coverage it may have had.

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