How To Create A Career Management or Job Search Database

Your organization steps do not end at that point. It is critical for the escalation of your career that you continuously build a database of prospective jobs, consisting of contacts at recruiting firms and companies where you would like to work. If you do this, you will be way ahead of the game, during this job search and any future career changes.

You may also want to add a folder for Job Leads. In this folder, you can place all e-mail posts that come from other sources.

In Hotmail, there is a tab in the middle of the screen labeled “Address Book”. When you click on this button, it will take you to a different screen with additional options. This is the area where you can delete and send mail, view and edit messages, and create a new address book. You should create a new group, instead of adding just an individual address. Each group should contain a set of related addresses.

The purpose of creating the separate groups is that they can be used in this job search or any future job search. Generally the groups should fall under the following categories: recruiters, companies, professional colleagues, and networking prospects. By creating an address book group for each of the categories, you are creating a database for your work life. An address book of your professional colleagues will aid you in staying in touch with your immediate professional neighborhood in a more effective way, for now and in the future.

The additions that you make to the groups don’t have to be based on direct contact, interviews, or job offers. If you see recruiters with positions available in your field of interest, put the addresses in that address book. When you start putting the word out that you are looking for new employment, you will have there contact information ready and waiting. The point of this is to create a spring form, from which you can launch a colossal career blitz when you are ready. If you organize properly now, you will be able to gather information today that can be used throughout your entire working life.

If you remain registered on job boards during employment, you will always be aware of the skills that companies are looking for. This information will help you to stay acquainted with the skills that you will need to maintain for future ability to get employment.

People frequently abandon applying to job posting that don’t lead to anything, or don’t seem suitable for any other reason. You shouldn’t do this; a company that is hiring sales reps now is just as likely to be hiring them two years from now. Knowing about the company and its contact information will give you an edge the next time that you are looking for a job. This career management/ job search database is a tool that will help for your entire employed life. It will put you in control of your professional future.

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