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Stop Being Lost in the Crowd, Capture the Hiring Manager’s Attention With a Branded LinkedIn Profile

By Bill / November 16, 2010

Is your LinkedIn profile a verbatim recreation of your resume? Or is it a unique and complementary representation of you and your job search? I know a plethora of job […]

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How to Sell Yourself in the Job Search Process If You Are 40+

By Bill / November 5, 2010

Most organizations are looking for young talents with some existing experience. They are seen as flexible, adaptable to the structure and working culture and have less demand salary-wise in return […]

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International Job Search

By Bill / October 27, 2010

In this tight job market, you sometimes have no option but to ‘take it where you find it’. This article gives an overview of the global market for expatriate ‘contract […]

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Should You Be Worried About Age Discrimination?

By Bill / September 23, 2010

Almost every client I work with who’s above the age of 40 asks the same question at some point: Do I need to make myself look younger on my resume? […]

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Third Act For Women Over 50 – Preparing For Joy and Fulfillment in Midlife

By Bill / September 22, 2010

We are the first generation of women who have had careers for most of our lives. We are entering a period of life that is virtually uncharted, a time in […]

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4 Tips For the Boomer to Bounce Back

By Bill / September 15, 2010

Bounce Back and Bounce Better Regardless of your age or situation, the time for you to take action is TODAY! ‘Cause it’s NEVER too late! It has been gratifying to […]

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