Use of Chronological Resume is Appropriate Only If Applicants Have a Consistent Employment Record

When applying for jobs applicants need to submit well written resumes. These resumes should not be written in ad-hock manner and without a proper understanding of the finer points of resume writing. Assuming that the resume is just a list of basic details related to qualifications and work experience is a grave mistake in writing a resume. There are different formats and writing styles applicable for different contexts and as such knowledge of these resume writing styles should be acquired by all job seekers if they wish to vacate their current status of “job seeker” and become a “job holder”. The common forms of resumes include chronological, functional, combination and targeted resumes. Each of these styles have their own purposes and chronological resume aims to highlight the employees work track record and consistency and development in career.

What is a Chronological Resume?

Finding out the meaning of the word is the best way to start learning about something. Therefore, chronological means, the order in which applicants will list their job experience. This is done by starting with the most recent job and reversing back to the first job done. Prospective employers prefer this type of resume as it is easy for them to verify what jobs have been done by applicants and the dates. This type of resume is recommended for applicants who have a long track record to present and does not have any inexplicable breaks in the career line.

Sections of the Resume

Key sections of the chronological resume consist of the identification section, the job objective, accomplishments, education and work experience.


When writing the resume, applicants will have to identify themselves first. This is important as if the employers wish to get in touch with the applicant they need to find the contact details easily. Employers are busy people who have many resumes to go through. They will not spend time looking for contact details. If the identification and contact details are not clearly displayed, this will be to the disadvantage of the applicant.

Job Objective

Writing the job objective in a chronological resume is optional. This should be done only by applicants who are changing careers and students. In this section applicants will inform the employers as to what type of work they wish to do. As resumes are not supposed to be lengthy documents and need to be concise, applicants are advised to state this in only a sentence or two.


This section of the resume will allow the applicant to list out his skills and accomplishments and inform the employer how it matches their job objective. This should be done by identifying only the key accomplishments which will attract the readers attention.


In this section the applicants, academic record is provided with degrees, honors and awards received being mentioned. The schools and colleges attended and the period of attendance should be mentioned, once again in the reverse chronological order. For applicants who are straight out of graduate school and have no work experience this section will be written under the Accomplishments. For applicants who do have work experience, this section will be included after that.

Work Experience

This section is where applicants will list down all the places in which they have held previous employment. The work experience may have gained in conditions of voluntary action and not necessarily within a job. If applicants who straight out of graduate school have done any work for the school or any voluntary organisation, this section is where they indicate it. Applicants should indicate the position, date of employment and any achievements which were gained during this period.

Writing a proper resume of any form is a time consuming and tedious task. Many online writing services offer applicants the option of writing resumes. These writing services will ensure that your chronological resume is written showcasing all the applicants’ talents and accomplishments. If a good professional resume service is utilized by the applicant, then there is a high chance of being called in for an interview based on the strengths highlighted in the resume.


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