5 tips to answer digital interview questions

When you’re looking for a job, sometimes you might find yourself interviewing in some ways that you didn’t quite expect. The world has effectively moved into the digital age, and there are a lot of new and sometimes confusing shifts in technology that have come with this new digital age. These days, an employer might be happy conducting a video interview with you, instead of having you actually visit the office. Computers can connect two people via video link very easily, and as such you might be asked to actually complete your interview by way of a digital video connection. This will allow your potential employer to easily interview you and get a feel for your communication style and personality as though you were actually in the office. If this is something you think you might be asked to do, we’re going to talk about five tips that will give you all the advantages you might need.

1. Find a Quiet Area. Make sure you avoid noisy things like the TV, radio, pets, and kids when you’re setting up your interview space. A remote interview gives your potential employer a lot of benefits, but it also means that you’re responsible for picking out a good space where you have a solid Internet connection, and can also avoid a lot of distracting background noise. Make sure you can guarantee that you won’t have any interruptions or noise in the background that make it difficult for your interviewer to hear you.

2. Make Sure Your Background Is Nice and Tidy. When you’re conducting a video interview, your potential employer can see you, but he or she can also see everything that’s going on behind you. Make sure you’ve got a nice and tidy background, so you don’t inadvertently make yourself look disorganized or unkempt on accident.

3. Have Everything You Need. It’s going to be smart to make sure you’ve got very easy access to all your important documents and anything to which you might want to refer while you’re in the course of your interview. You might want to pick up certain documents and refer to them, so it’ll be a lot easier if you can have things on hand without having to shuffle around and look for it.

4. Dress Professionally. When you were looking for careers after military service, you were probably used to visiting a physical location. Now, you might have to do something like speak over a video link. You still need to make sure that you’re dressed professionally, however, so that you can guarantee that your appearance will make the best impression possible.

5. Have a Phone Handy. It’s going to be smart for you to have a phone handy close by, should anything happen with your Internet connection or video feed. If there are any technical problems, you’re going to want to make sure you can get in touch with your potential employer quickly.


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