5 Tips to Draft an Impressive Resume

5 Tips to Draft an Impressive Resume

Paper resumes gave way to online applications in the last decade. The new trend settling in this decade is to create your own resume website. One thing remains constant throughout the years in all forms of job applications – resume. You are free to adopt any method of job application as long as you are equipped with an impressive resume.

Here are the 5 tips to draft an impressive resume and use it to present hard copy or add it to the resume website.

1) Use titles and sub headings

Organize the content under suitable titles. It is important to sort data and club relevant information under one heading. This helps to present a well structured resume that makes it easy for the reader to find out required information. Also, it breaks the monotony of reading vital chunks of information in one go.
For example: Common titles used in resume are career objective, work summary, experience details, educational qualifications, achievements, personal details, references etc

2) Professional Format

Whether you send a hard or soft copy, make sure the resume is designed professionally. Use white for background and black for the wordings. Using Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial of 12 font size is considered ideal for resume writing. Most resumes should be limited to 2 pages to keep the interest of the recruiter intact. However, executive resumes can go up to 3 pages. Do not use any pictures within the resume. Those planning for a resume website are allowed to be creative and use pictures or colorful backgrounds as long as it is professional.

3) Keywords Usage

Using keywords is essential to make your resume noticeable. Most recruiters adopt the practice of searching candidates based on the certain keywords. The computerized systems select only those profiles that contain the buzzwords. Hence, make sure the words are well placed within the objective and responsibilities segments.

For example: The buzzwords for an accounting profile would be accountant, bookkeeper, accounts receivable, accounts payable, benefits specialist, and payroll specialist

4) Quantified Terms + Action Words

Quantify your achievements to give an exact idea of the work performed to the recruiters. Instead of putting a generic description, mention the actual quantities of work performed. Make use of action words to present the facts. Common examples are implemented, improved, practiced, formatted, devised, trained, conducted, etc.

For example: One may say… ‘Improved the quarterly sale turnover significantly’. A better form of expression would be to say…. ‘Implemented policies that increased the quarterly sales turnover by 10% from the past quarter’.

5) Targeted Resume

Update your resume every few days and add details of the advancements of your career to the resume. Tweak the resume contents to match the job requirements. Drafting a resume relevant to the recruiter’s expectations will certainly improve your job prospects. You can alter your career objective and role as per the requirements. Tweaking a resume is about emphasizing certain details of your career more prominently than rest of the information. It does not include providing false information.

For example: As per the recruiter’s requirement, you can name your profile as customer service executive, customer attendant, client coordinator, retail management officer, etc to describe your profile.

We hope these resume tips help you draft an impressive resume. Read Jenny on resume website and top resume website

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