7 Most Popular Senior Employment Options

The senior employment community is growing. Even after traditional retirement, many seniors are returning to the workforce from lack of financial security, or simply because they are bored! Whatever the case, the trend of returning to work has also led to a trend in the most popular senior employment jobs for retirees to take!

Although the vast majority of 75 and older are in fact retired, 6.4% (over a million seniors) are working a job after retirement, whether it is full-time, part-time or self-employment. This number has increased by 1.3% since 2000. So what exactly pulls a senior out of retirement? What kinds of jobs are most popular with seniors? Read on to find out!

1. Consultant

* A consultant is a perfect self-employment option because it allows you to bring the knowledge you learned from your lifetime of employment to something new, and help struggling companies or individuals get on the right track. You can charge whatever you want, and make it an hourly rate. Your schedule is completely up to you, and you can work for however many companies you want!

2. Caterer

* It’s no wonder being a caterer makes the list: retirement gives you plenty of time to master your passion of cooking into a skill that is truly marketable – and delicious! If you’re unsure about how to start your own business, you can also join an already established catering company. With this option, you don’t have the freedom of owning your own company, but you also do not have to deal with the hassle of marketing and financing your own business.

3. Store Greeter

* I don’t know about you, but my retired father loves to chat with people! Since he lives alone, he doesn’t get the chance very often unless he’s at the grocery store or mall. Becoming a store greeter is the best way to get the chatterbox out of your system. As long as you are capable of standing for a substantial amount of time, and have an extroverted personality, becoming a store greeter is the perfect retirement job!

4. Floral Assistant

* If you have a creative mind and a green thumb, love flexible hours and are willing to learn, becoming a floral assistant is the perfect post-retirement job. Its popularity is so high with retirees due to the flexible hours and passion for gardening and plants that many retirees would love to water and see grow (pun intended).

5. Temp

* Temp agencies usually assign individuals with temporary positions paying anywhere from $10-30/hour. This job is increasingly popular with seniors because it allows a supplemental income but gives the freedom for travel and other fun retirement adventures.

6. Tour Guide

* Who knows the area where you live better than you? Nobody! Many retired seniors turn to tourism to help with financial difficulties because it is a position that brings you outside, is a social environment, and allows you to tell people all the fascinating information you’ve learned over the years living in your hometown.

7. Retail Worker

* Retail positions cover a wide variety of career options, which may be why it is so popular with seniors! Almost all of the options put seniors in a lively environment where they get to interact with customers. Most of these jobs also have flexible hours and decent pay. The most popular senior retail worker jobs include becoming a cashier, floor supervisors, retail management, and floor associate.

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