8 Reasons a Blog Should Be Your Next Step

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No doubt you have heard the buzz about blogs. You’ve been told that you should be blogging and that it’s the best way to build a business or personal brand.

What you haven’t been told is exactly why you should be blogging.

The New Resume

The days of the resume (or CV) are dwindling, being replaced by LinkedIn profiles, Twitter feeds and yes – personal blogs. For my part, I didn’t even look at the resume of the last two people I hired to do work for my business — but I did read through their blog extensively. I was able to get a very good idea of who I was going to be doing business with by reading through these blog articles.

Builds Your Network

A blog is a home base for others to come and consume your text, audio, video and image content. These people will begin to tell others about your “stuff.” They will also start leaving comments and writing about you on their own blogs and Facebook pages or mentioning you to someone at a networking event.

Explore Your Thoughts

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on the next step to take. Whether you are retired, laid off or otherwise between successes it is often difficult to get your thoughts in order to decide on the next step.

Start writing.

I have had the opportunity to write on many different blogs over the last several years. I have realized that the more that I write, the more clear my thoughts become. A blog evolves and will rarely be exactly what you want it to be at the beginning. Push through this early stage and you will find your thoughts and plans will become crystal clear.

Establish Your Expertise

People that write are perceived as experts in whatever they are writing about. Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or starting your own business — establishing yourself as an expert is powerful. Consistently publishing your expert opinions, how-to’s, etc will absolutely gain you the respect of an expert.

Offer Freelance Services

Start writing but don’t forget to offer freelance services that are associated with the articles you are creating. As you continue to create content, you will begin to see your website traffic increase — this will start to lead to inquiries and sales.

Sell A Product

If you use the blogging platform that I recommend (WordPress) you can easily add Paypal or Google Checkout buttons to sell a product. Nah — you don’t have to manufacture something in a factory, you can sell an information product. Could you write an eBook or create a set of audio or video discs for distribution to your readers?

Learn a Powerful Skill

Writing in general is (in my opinion) the most powerful skill you can possess.

Hone it. Learn to be a better communicator.

Secondly, the skill of using a blogging platform like WordPress is a skill that is in high demand.

Broadcast Your Message

When you write on a blog you will inevitably begin to learn how to broadcast you message outside of your blog via technologies like RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or RSS. When you reach this stage in your blog you will see your professional network grow exponentially.

Your turn. I would love to hear your questions/comments about the power of blogging in the comments below!

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