Yes, ageism is alive and well!  But you don’t have to fall victim to it.

Make sure everything about your job application, and you as a potential employee, do not reinforce an age barrier.

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Jobs For People Over 50 – On The Road To Where?

By Bill / October 6, 2011

The economy is unstable, to say the least, we don’t know if Social Security will come through for us (or even still be in existence) when we retire, and we […]

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Give Your Resume a Youthful Makeover

By Bill / September 9, 2011

Despite the desirability of experience as a “wish list item” on any hiring manager’s checklist, job seekers, especially those over forty, often fear losing out to their younger competitors. Notwithstanding […]

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Should You Be Worried About Age Discrimination?

By Bill / September 8, 2011

Almost every client I work with who's above the age of 40 asks the same question at some point: Do I need to make myself look younger on my resume? […]

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Unfair Dismissal Laws: What They Mean For You

By Bill / August 30, 2011

The Employment Rights Act of 1996 ensures that all employees have certain rights that have to be protected during dismissal. It is a tightrope that employers tread when dismissing an […]

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Searching Jobs For Over 50: Strategies for Overcoming the Stereotypes

Searching Jobs For Over 50: Strategies for Overcoming the Stereotypes

By Bill / July 1, 2011

Tips for Searching Jobs For Over 50 Anyone embarking on searching jobs for over 50 is aware that ageism is alive and well and that the older job hunter faces […]

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How to Sell Yourself in the Job Search Process If You Are 40+

By Bill / May 10, 2011

Most organizations are looking for young talents with some existing experience. They are seen as flexible, adaptable to the structure and working culture and have less demand salary-wise in return […]

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