Yes, ageism is alive and well!  But you don’t have to fall victim to it.

Make sure everything about your job application, and you as a potential employee, do not reinforce an age barrier.

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How to Combat Age Stereotypes on Your Job Interview

By Bill / February 22, 2010

As an older job-seeker, you’ll find that you’re probably worried about negative stereotypes in the workplace. If you’ve landed an interview, you want to be sure that you aren’t giving […]

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Age Discrimination Or Attitude Discrimination – Which is It?

By Bill / February 4, 2010

I understand the issue of age discrimination; I have even considered and stated it to be an issue. I am also sure that there are occasions when age discrimination occurs. Is […]

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Employment Discrimination – How the Law Protects You Against Discrimination in the Workplace

By Bill / February 1, 2010

The truth is that virtually everyone needs a paying job in order to make a living and it’s getting tougher every year to get and hold one. The last thing […]

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Companies benefit from focus on workers' life stage, not age

By Bill / December 20, 2009

How old are you? To what generation do you belong? Based on the answers you give to those two questions, you probably are being treated a certain way in the […]

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Career Change Over 40 – Deciding What You Want to Do

By Bill / December 14, 2009

Career Change Over 40 – Deciding What You Want to Do Making a career change over 40 isn’t any easier than it is in your 20s or 30s. But it […]

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Negative Stereotypes Facing Older Workers

By Bill / December 2, 2009

Despite legislation prohibiting it, age is a common factor in hiring decisions. This is especially true for older workers who must combat a number of negative stereotypes, specifically that they […]

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