Age Discrimination During the Job Search

Fairly frequently many individuals sense that they are being discriminated against because of their age throughout the job search process. Should they be older than, suppose, forty five years old, many people begin to think that their numerous years of experience as well as their birth years begin to work against them within the job search world. This might, or might not be true; however the belief is the fact that many organizations, particularly the big corporations, apply age discrimination.

In all of my numerous years being a hiring manager, human resources professional, as well as a small business owner I have not experienced, nor observed, any kind of age discrimination with regard to any hiring situation. Never! Even so, i am not saying that this doesn’t necessarily take place. And might you become an unwilling recipient regarding age discrimination you may well be encouraged to search out the recommendations from a lawyer. However, the actual proof will be for you to prove you had been discriminated against according to your actual age.

Whenever I am interviewing candidates for virtually every available job I’m attempting to fill age in no way comes into the situation. The main reason for this is that it’s against the law to take into consideration a person’s age with regards to their eligibility for any job that they’re hoping to be hired for. Provided that the actual candidate has got the required skills as well as education coupled with high quality experiences based on the specifications of the position the particular candidate is going to be viewed as a serious candidate through the job applicant screening process.

A very important factor to consider is the fact that for each and every unique open job which is openly advertised, whether on the web or perhaps in the local weekend newspaper, you might have somewhere between fifty to one hundred fifty applicants regarding these jobs. Of these, say, one hundred applicants, roughly thirty will be really qualified as well as uniquely suited with regard to this unique job. The additional seventy or so applicants may have various degrees of experience and skill-sets that may possibly match up very closely in what the particular employer is looking for or won’t match it even the least bit.

It really is human nature to genuinely believe that you didn’t get the position you applied for, or even interviewed for, simply because of your age (aka age discrimination ). All of us search for factors as to the reasons something failed to occur apart from the most obvious simple fact that you had been not chosen for a number of reasons that will have absolutely nothing related to you whatsoever – or your actual age. The job interview process is an extremely difficult situation to navigate for just about any job seeker simply because of the amount of job hopefuls that submit an application as well as the many factors which are completely outside the applicant’s control.

Rather than concentrating on whatever you view being the reason behind not becoming a job candidate which was selected, give attention to approaches to strengthen your job interview skills/style along with your capability to express the additional value you are able to provide any one single employer. Focus on being the job seeker that shines and also is “confident and capable” therefore evolving into the career candidate that companies seek to invest in.

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