Are There Still Opportunities for Older Workers in Today’s Economy?

More and more, you see people working past retirement as our lifespans have lengthened and the economy has worsened. Some want to work just to stay active, but many need to work out of necessity. This becomes a difficult situation however, as with old ways of thinking older workers are still encouraged to retire. If they do retire and are looking for something part-time for example, they may find that job opportunities open to them can be difficult to find. A lot of employers still have the mindset of hiring from within, even if it is older workers, rather than hiring a new employee who is older.


Fear Not, Opportunities Do Exist!

So, what do older workers do when they are seeking employment past retirement age? There are opportunities out there, and knowing what some of them are before you start looking is half the battle. There are many places in the hospitality field where jobs can be found. Places like the Marriott, Disney World and McDonald’s all have offered opportunities for older workers where they can find good employment. This is especially true in environments that frequently see older travelers – it would only make sense to have job opportunities for people working past retirement age to make a friendly environment for the older tourists.

It is also good to know that employers do look for the more experienced workers, and if you have experience with customer service related jobs already, this is a big plus. These types of jobs all require a lot of that, and employers will look for the people who can handle all types of different customers, including the difficult ones. From greeters, to cashiers to tour guides, jobs dealing with the public hold many options and job opportunities for older workers.

Go Out On Your Own

Although more difficult and risky, there are more and more people starting their own businesses after retiring. If you already have an interest and a skill set, this option will be much easier than completely starting from scratch. It is advisable you do start a business doing something you enjoy and already have some knowledge about – even if you are not an expert – so that you will have a much easier time getting started and keeping the business going. Many businesses can be started from your own home with a simple business license that is inexpensive. If you are working it yourself and do not have to worry about other employees, this is a fairly easy task.

Things to Know

Whichever direction you go when working past retirement, you should be able to find something that you can enjoy doing. You most likely won’t become rich at it, but you will be able to supplement any retirement or just be able to continue to pay for your living expenses. If you are looking at something in the hospitality industry, make sure you do your homework first and ask them questions. A lot of these positions require you to stand on your feet for the entire shift – make sure it is something you can physically handle without putting too much pressure or strain on your body.

Visit the places you are considering working at to see if it is somewhere you think you could enjoy working. Another good tip is to visit job fairs because these will help give you an idea of who is hiring and what they are looking for.

Working past retirement is not impossibility. If you do your research and take your time to do some careful planning, you can find a job that fits you and your needs, plus somewhere you enjoy working and you can feel like you are needed.


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