Avoid These Job Hunting Mistakes

Job Hunting is a difficult, stressful experience for anyone. Unsurprisingly, many people approach job hunting incorrectly and end up with an unsatisfactory job, or no job at all. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when looking for a job.


Waiting for something good to happen. While it is not unheard of for a job to just fall into someone’s lap, that is certainly not the norm. Successful people make their own opportunities. A related mistake is to rely on friends, family and other contacts will find you a job. While you absolutely should use your personal network of contacts in any job search, relying on someone else to do all of the work for you will lead you nowhere. Be proactive and do your own job hunting.

Applying for too few jobs. Particularly in today’s economy, most applications will not lead to an interview, and most interviews will not result in a successful hiring. As the old saying goes, do not put all of your eggs in one basket. People who apply to just a few jobs find themselves crushed when those few applications do not result in offers. Having plenty of possible opportunities increases the odds that one will work out and takes away much of the sting of rejection.

Aiming too low or too high. Many people approach job hunting with a pessimistic mindset. These people apply for jobs that are far below their abilities and qualifications. These people may get jobs, but they are unhappy with their pay and responsibilities. On the other hand, some people approach job hunting with an overly optimistic outlook. These people apply for jobs that are out of reach, and wind up feeling the sting of rejection. Maintain a realistic outlook with regard to your needs and qualifications.

Approaching interviews the wrong way. Preparation and attitude are the keys to a successful interview. People who do not rehearse their answers to difficult questions lose out to people who do. In particular, most interviews include an open-ended question such as “tell me about yourself.” Not having a prepared answer for such a question dooms many interviewees. Likewise, many interviewees approach an interview with a negative attitude, especially if they are still angry at a former employer. No matter their qualifications, people with negative attitudes spend a long time looking for their next job.

Taking the first offer, no matter what. A job is more than just a source of income; it is one of the focal points of a person’s life. Accepting an offer is a major decision and should not be taken lightly. Take some time to think about the offer and decide whether the job is really a good fit.


Lexi Davis is a writer who enjoys writing on a number of different verticals. For more on employment mistakes, Six Figure Start offers readers information more on common basic mistakes of the job hunt.


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