Believing in Yourself and the Value of Confidence

I’ve always heard that you need to believe in yourself first, if you expect others to believe in you. Scott Ginsberg, aka “The Nametag Guy” said, “When you believe in your value, they believe in your value.” I believe that self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires. When you’re self-confident, you inspire confidence in others, in turn finding success. On the other hand, low self confidence manifests negativity and self destruction.


Without an underlying competence, I don’t believe you can really achieve true self confidence. Rather, you lean to a sort of shallow overconfidence. Competency needs to be tied closely to reality. The reality is that you can’t be everything to everybody, and you can’t be an expert without logging appreciable hours learning your industry, and specifically your job, in achievable steps.


Confidence is a perceived value. How do your clients and prospects perceive you or your company’s products, services, ability to deliver, customer support and so on, as a solution that will ease their pain, or help their bottom line? Your confidence inspires the confidence of your clients and prospects, either positively or negatively.


When I attended Victory 2000, one of the things I took away from Tony Robbins presentation was how dynamic “visualization” can be as a weapon in your arsenal to achieving success. Visualizing yourself as self confident will do wonders for your career. Think positive. Think – I can do it.

My Recommendation

To become truly self confident in a way that leads to ongoing success, first set some achievable goals – small battles that you can win, then build on those. Then celebrate your victories. Hold your head high and answer questions with assurance, and those you can’t answer, admit straight up that you can’t, but promise to get them an answer (and then do it).

Steve Bloemer is an Inside Sales Manager at Hostirian in Saint Louis, MO. He began his writing career many moons ago while stationed in Pensacola, Florida, writing for the Cory Log. Today, Steve writes about business, marketing, search engine optimization, and web design & hosting. You can read or RSS his articles from http://www.WDTalk.com.

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