Best legal jobs for baby boomers

In many sectors of the work force, it definitely pays to be young. Lots of employers are looking for the young and ambitious upstarts to staff their companies for a few key reasons. Young workers are fresh, bright, and full of new ideas. They are eager to prove themselves and climb the ladder. However, youth also carries with it a certain naivete that can lead to problems. For this reason, among others, the baby boomer generation still has a valuable place in the work force. Age brings wisdom, maturity, and experience, and these are all necessary traits in many positions in the legal field.

One of the best jobs in the legal world for baby boomers is the same best job for anyone else in the legal world–attorney. Some boomers are uncertain about getting into such a profession so late in the game, but due to the recent economic situation many students have been postponing their educations for a number of years. The number of law school students in their 40’s and older is larger than ever. Boomers who are already working full time jobs may be able to attend law classes part time or as part of an online program to gain legal certification. Remember, it is never too late to go back to school.

Paralegal work is another great option for boomers interested in working in the legal field. The requirements for paralegal work are not as stringent as those for attorneys, but paralegals are still heavily involved in all aspects of the legal process. The only things that they do not do are present cases in court, give legal advice, and accept cases themselves. Generally acting as assistant to attorneys, the paralegal handles research, investigation, organizing case files, and helping to prepare a case. This can be a very exciting and fulfilling line of work for those interested in pursuing it.

For baby boomers that already have experience in the legal world, there are some great job opportunities. Maybe your law firm has taken a turn for the worse, or perhaps you’re simply growing tired of the stress and drama that come with courtroom litigation. Many older attorneys change their line of work to become legal consultants or career coaches for the younger generation. Your years of experience can be put to good use as you utilize your wisdom as a guiding force for others. There will always be a place for the knowledgeable former professionals to make a living simply by giving good advice. The word of someone who’s been there is always in high demand.

With all of the car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers peddling their services today, it may seem difficult for boomers to carve out places for themselves in the legal field. However, the value of experience and wisdom never declines. As ambitious as the younger generation may be, they cannot match the maturity and knowledge held by their elders. For this reason, baby boomers will always have a place in the legal field–they simply need to work hard to find their place.


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