Best Resources for Green Job Seekers

Best Resources for Green Job Seekers

The time in which we could go through our lives happily reaping the fruits of the environment with reckless abandon are long gone. Many of our most used resources are non-renewable and they are dwindling, becoming more rare and valuable with each passing day. Global climate change is becoming less of a debate and more of a universal concern as people all over the world realize that environmental destruction is a serious problem. The demand for workers with a green consciousness has skyrocketed in recent years, but many folks on the job search are still having trouble finding work. Luckily there are resources available for green job seekers.

GreenBiz is one of the most popular online resources for individuals on the job hunt in green sectors. The website features a wealth of news about green energy and other related matters of eco-friendly business, an extensive job board that displays work opportunities in many varied fields, and an annual report on the state of green business. The State of Green Business Report can help job seekers keep up with all the important developments in green business, and the job postings as well as networking opportunities can help you make valuable connections in the world of green business.

A similar online resource is the website NetImpact, which offers an extensive and educational career center including information on everything from career opportunities to job search and self-assessment advice. Becoming a member includes the ambitious green job seeker in a vast network of like-minded individuals who are committed to promoting a sustainable future in the world of business, as well as giving access to a wealth of educational materials and newsletters. Many cities even have local chapters of Net Impact where professionals can gather to discuss and promote environmental awareness in the business world–another great networking opportunity.

For the most comprehensive search for green jobs on the web, it’s tough to find a better resource than The Green Job Bank. This site offers access to literally thousands of green job opportunities in many different industries, and also gives its readers constant news updates about the current trends and progress in the world of green industrial development and business. Extras range from educational programs and employer profiles to blogs and forums where users can get the most current news and opinions. The opportunities for networking, education, and job hunting with The Green Job Bank are vast and promising.

There are jobs available for green-minded workers everywhere from the Environmental Protection Agency to privately owned businesses all over the country. Renewable energy careers are becoming more and more promising, car companies are working on engines that utilize alternative fuel sources, and sustainable building construction is sweeping the world of architecture. These, of course, are just a few examples of the many exciting and fulfilling green job opportunities that are becoming available. Be sure to utilize these resources–educate yourself, check out the available jobs in varied industries, and start networking to make your green job search bear fruit.

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