Brand Your Job Search – 5 Tips to Help With Marketing Your Skills

1. Blog your resume. Well, not exactly. Blog about your industry, providing useful tips, articles and reviews. A blog is a great way to showcase your knowledge and skills and shows a potential employer that you are not only knowledgeable of the industry, but also interested in it. For example, suppose you are a career coach. Your blog could feature tips on interviewing, dressing for success, resumes; etc. Your blog should have information about how you can be contacted should a potential employer be interested in scheduling an interview with you.

2. Become a video superstar. Much like blogging, videos can position you as the expert in your industry. You can be the star of your industry with a video series exhibiting your knowledge of a particular field. Depending on your comfort level, you could appear in front of the camera or simply use a slide show presentation for your video. Be sure to clearly include your contact information within the video so that you can easily be contacted by a prospective employer.

3. Be a follower. Although there are those people that use Twitter to simply post updates about their cats or what they had for breakfast; Twitter has become a powerful tool to network and make connections. The majority of major companies are using Twitter to handle customer service issues, announce new products and even post new jobs. Following a company you are interested in working for will give you a good idea of the culture of the company and event the type of people they would be interested in hiring. Ensure that your social media profiles have your contact information so that you can easily be contacted with job offers.

4. Join an online group. Don’t just set up your social profiles and become a wall flower. Jump in the conversations, answer questions, post articles, ask questions; etc. The groups will help you keep up to date with your industry and give you an opportunity to network with other professionals in your field; which could lead to a job referral.

5. Speak to groups to exhibit your skills. Volunteer to speak to groups in your industry to showcase your knowledge and skills. Members of the group could potentially become your next colleague or employer. On your marketing materials that you provide to the group, be sure to include your contact information, your blog address and all of your social media links.

Jacqueline Lisenby is a Certified Online Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist and Talent Marketing Specialist. She is the Chief Visionary Officer of Statusj, a media and production company and just recently launched The Status Agency; a digital media and talent marketing agency. She is also the Executive Producer of the web series The ROW.

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