Can a Resume for Job Make You Look Old?

Can a Resume for Job Make You Look Old?

The number of baby boomers out of work is growing, and more and more of them entering the job hunt. Don’t let your resume recommend that you’re past your prime. Many of the old rules about resume for job have changed and keeping up to date can keep you in the game.

Can a Resume for Job Make You Look Old?

It is becoming more and more common in the current job market for the person in charge of hiring to be considerably younger than the job applicant. While you can’t hide this fact you can lessen the impact by following these easy strategies.

Be Careful with Resume Dates

Dates are all over a resume. There are dates of employment, dates of graduation, dates of certification. Some you can simply leave off, others you can hide to a lesser extent. The years associated with your schooling should be left off altogether. They do not add anything and only prove to focus the resume screener’s attention on the fact that you might have graduated before they were born.

As for the years that match up with your work history, ignore the age-old advice to place dates on the left hand side of the resume. While this might have been true in the past, it is no longer a hard-and-fast rule so you do not need to follow it. The eye naturally drifts to the left and you do not want the dates to stand out, you want your seasoned experience to shine. Place all dates all the way over to the right hand margin.

Contact Info: Short and Sweet

While you might have multiple email addresses, a cell phone and a land line, you don’t want to place them all at the top of your resume. It sends the impression that you’re trying to hard. Simply put your name, address, email and one phone number at the top of the page.

Of course it goes without saying, but I’ll state it anyway, that you need to stay on top of those accounts. Nothing says out of touch more than a person who only checks his or her email once a day. You want to be able to respond to any inquiries within a two-hour period.

Keep Your Resume Current

You might very well have 30 years of unmatched experience, but what you’ve been doing over the past 15 is what will get you the interview. With few exceptions, your work history should be limited to the past 10 to 15 years.

According to a study by Urban Institute, for those 62 and older, the chance of finding a job within 12 months is 18 percent, which means keeping your resume up to date is of vital importance. Use these tips to create the strongest resume presentation possible.

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