Capsule Profile – “Mature” Workers Marketing Strategy

The Mature worker has difficulty trying to illustrate their valued years of service without going over the top! One effective way of dealing with this is using the ‘Capsule Profile.’

Given that all indications are that the ‘mature’ worker will be making up a large percentage of the Canadian and US labour force in the near future, one would logically conclude that obtaining full-time, challenging, and fulfilling employment would be relatively easy for this group, even in our current job markets.

One of the difficulties facing mature workers is the frustration of trying to design a resume that truly represents the experience and expertise they have to offer a new firm, without detailing positions held over the past 20-35 years.

Doing so makes the reader lose interest quickly, as the resume then becomes too long and ‘cloudy,’ and does not typically or efficiently capture career advancements and accomplishments.

The fact that there is conflicting guidance and advice on various job boards and professional search associations via the Internet only exacerbates and confuses this frustrating and precarious position for the mature worker seeking gainful employment.

Firms are naturally suspect that individuals that have over 15 years of business experience would not be willing or able to accept the current salary levels that are typically offered in this market.

In an effort to assist those, like myself, that are ‘seasoned’ professionals with 20+ years’ experience, I would like to offer the following suggestions for the preparation and use of a ‘Capsule Profile’ versus a ‘comprehensive resume’ format for your job search and marketing/networking purposes.

The well-written Capsule Profile will ‘highlight’ your ‘achievements and accomplishments’ throughout your career, and permits the reader to quickly learn what your specialty is, and what direction you wish your career to take.

A ‘Cap’ is a ‘teaser’, designed to entice the reader to want to learn more! Ideally, it should only be one page long, as it is ‘an overview’ only. Keep in mind that job searching is truly a ‘sales’ job!

For further information and a ‘sample of a Capsule Profile’, please visit my site located at http://corpsecrets.ca.

I hope this article has been helpful for you, and that you will seriously consider utilizing the CP format versus the standard, comprehensive CV.

I can assure you that this format will encourage a greater number of requests for information and interviews. Good Luck!

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