Empowerment for Mature Age Workers

Empowerment for Mature Age WorkersAs you grow older your responsibilities change. Switching from full time to part time work becomes an option for many people. You may make less money, but you may have more time to yourself. With that extra time you could take on leisure pursuits or start a home-based business. The possibilities are limitless.

Empowerment for Mature Age Workers is often found through security, which is important to most of us. However, there comes a time when security is not as important as it once was. If that’s your situation, working fewer hours and having more time to do other things becomes a real option in your decision making.

Achieving your goals might prove to be as simple as changing from full-time to part-time work.

To add more variety to your range of options you could have a “portfolio career”, that is full-time work consisting of different part-time work. For example you could work five days a week, spending Monday and Tuesday as an independent self-employed consultant and then work Wednesday to Friday for a firm which employs you. Options for mature age workers can be summarised as:

– Full-time at the one job

– Part-time giving yourself more free time

– Full-time combining two separate part-time jobs

For more information about empowering yourself as a Mature Age Worker, refer to my book “New jobs for Older Workers”, available through this site.  In that book we look at how you can prepare yourself to take the actions that are needed to empower you and make a successful career change.  We consider the choices that you have to make, the changes that are required, the challenges you face, and the need for confidence to make it all happen. By recognizing this it is clear that we, too, can become empowered and learn new ways of creating a new career that suits your current needs. 

If you would like to consider your career options contact us and we can have a chat about what you need.

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