What Not To Do When Making A Career Change

What Not To Do When Making A Career Change

What Not To Do When Making A Career Change

I love my job signAre you one of the 13% of people who consider that they are in the right job?  Or, more likely, are you one of the 87% who know that their work isn’t ideal for them but put up with it?  Sometimes people unhappily endure a career that isn’t right for them for the whole of their working life, and tolerate the consequences of unhappiness and frustration.   Others decide to make a career change, but sadly they make mistakes in how they do this.

I consider the Number 1 mistake is trying to do it all on your own, without consulting a career professional to guide you.  However many people change their work direction without support, and in this article 7 Surprisingly Common Career Change Mistakes to Avoid  Ilya Pozin (@ilyaneversleeps) gives you an insight into what not to do if you decide to make a career change.

[Updated 11 April 2019]

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