Careers After 50 – Make Your Age Related Advantages Work For You!

Finding that right career after 50 may be a struggle but studies have shown that job hunters age 50 and older have found new careers and jobs in record numbers. In fact it is the only age group showing gains in employment.

Changing careers after 50 can bring to the job hunting process a whole new set of challenges but overall with the right job hunting strategies you can reach your career goals.

The biggest roadblocks many after 50 experience in finding a new job or career after 50 are self-imposed. If you have doubts about your abilities and how your age will negatively impact the hiring process you have a big handicap to overcome. Job hunters of any age that exude confidence and project a positive attitude will always have an advantage in searching and winning the right job.

Moreover, job hunters after 50 who develop plans to counteract negative stereotypes about their age will generate other significant job hunting benefits.

So let’s stop being defensive about your age and get on the offensive in your campaign for a new career or new job:

Level the Playing Field: You will probably be interviewed by someone much younger than you. They may have wrong-headed ideas about your age even before the interview starts. Most, if not all of these myths they are not permitted to in ask about. These ideas are out there so to be proactive you must be prepared in the course of the interview to answer them.

You don’t have to show up at the interview with your gym bag. But you can weave into the interview stories of your frequent physical activities. If you haven’t missed a day in years due to illness; this can also be mentioned.

In answering interview questions make it a point to tell the interviewer about new skills you’ve acquired in the past few years. This will dispel the ideas that you are stuck in the past and are incapable of learning.

If in the past you successfully worked for a younger manager add this fact to your interview questions. Also, discuss you experience working well with co-workers of all ages.

Showcase Your Experience: Over your working life you’ve had many chances to hit the ground running, to learn new methods and concepts, take this opportunity to emphasize these desirable abilities.

As you’ve learned new skills and effectively used new technology be sure that this experience is emphasized in your resume and during the course of the interview.

Another stereotype of older workers is that you are stuck in the past and lack imagination. Answer questions that showcase how you used your imagination to solve problems and created out of the box thinking that resulted in benefits for your employer.

If a relevant accomplishment occurred more than 10 years age, treat it like it happened yesterday. Focus your experience on what you can do for the employer rather than your years of experience or when you graduated from college.

Final Thoughts: Energy and a high level of interest in the career opportunity will put you ahead of many younger job candidates. Dress appropriately for the interview.

Build a fitness and diet plan into your career change planning and job hunt effort. It will boost your confidence help your overall job hunting attitude.

Remember: preparation, study and a positive pro-active approach will move you ahead of many younger job hunters.

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