Cover Letters

Cover letters are not always required, but they give you the opportunity to highlight the relevance of your experience and achievements for a particular job.

They can be an important part of your application and should be very carefully targeted at the job for which you are applying.

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Cover Letter FAQ

By Bill / February 20, 2012

A cover letter is your introduction to the employer and highlights your best qualities and how you would bring value to the employer. Your goal is to keep the reader’s […]

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4 Tips to Spice Up Your Cover Letter

By Bill / February 9, 2012

Cover letters aren’t just there to serve as a cover page for your resume. While the debate rages on over their importance, the fact remains that they are a part […]

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What Should Be in a Cover Letter

By Bill / February 8, 2012

A cover letter is a professional document sent along with your resume. The aim of writing a cover letter is to provide additional details about your skills and work experience that […]

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Mastering The Job Search Process

By Bill / November 30, 2011

In the last decade, job seeking has changed and competition for every role is more competitive than ever. The prosperous decade of the 1990s, when jobs were plentiful and money […]

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You, Inc.: Creating Integrated Career Positioning Messages

By Bill / November 3, 2011

 Navigating the unpredictable economic winds and stormy job search seas, today’s executive and professional career explorer must don the appropriate foul weather gear, plot out a meticulous course, shore up […]

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Do You Really Need A Cover Letter?

By Bill / September 22, 2011

The cover letter accompanies your resume as part of your job application ‘pack’ and is meant to expound on information in the resume. History is replete with job applicants that […]

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