Are Cover Letters Really Essential For Your Success in a Job Hunt?

A small minority of people like some veteran recruiters mistakenly believe that you can do without great cover letters. They could not be more wrong. Many of these folks simply dislike receiving poorly written generic cover letters. The absence of a letter of introduction clearly signifies a lack of desire on your part to any employer. If writing and marketing yourself effectively is not strength, simply use a pro resume writer to help. The best cover letters will distinguish you as a serious candidate worthy of an interview.

Your resume should be strictly business and 100% factual. Cover letters however, are the place to emphasize all of your less tangible attributes, which may not necessarily fit into the skills, talents and abilities area of your resume. Isn’t having a consistent positive attitude over a long term stay at an employer very important? Isn’t having the vision, faith and ability to think big critical in many professions? Isn’t confidence an asset?

Frankly, there are many intangibles that contribute significantly to why one candidate would easily be the better choice among many similar candidates with otherwise equal qualifications. Your cover letter is the place to separate yourself from others and sell all of your assets to an employer. The concept of a cover letter is as old as the hills. For example, in 1482, Leonardo DaVinci wrote a bold cover (sales) letter to the Duke of Milan to create his own employment opportunity and it worked. Certainly, over the years society and technology has advanced, but this timeless strategy remains widely successful, if your cover letters are well written they will help you get hired.

A great cover letter also can ideally reveal the single most important consideration for an employer, that would be who referred you. You can bet if it is one of his friends, family or employees it will definitely strengthen your case. Employers always believe in minimizing any risks especially when it comes to hiring, hence the interviews, background checks, credit checks, drug tests and aptitude testing routine. Therefore, it stands to reason; the ultimate door opener would be a personal referral from his inner circle. Why all this careful screening of candidates for employment?

Because the only real motivation for hiring a new employee is it allows the employer to earn three to five times the employee’s salary in profits. Basically, it is all business and return on investment. Therefore, when a hiring goes wrong, it also costs the company significant profits as well. Thus, let your resume brag about all of your experience, but keep your cover letter reserved for why you are and will continue to be a great contributor to the employer you have targeted. While it may be very challenging to think about things from your potential employer’s point of view, this is one of the most effective secrets to writing a great cover letter with a powerful call to action.

Powerful cover letters open doors to previously unattainable employers who seldom if ever need to advertise job opportunities. They deem you as safe to hire because you have the inside track with a referral from the employer’s trusted inner circle. They separate (free) you from the other thousands of equally well qualified candidates in the employer’s mind. They demonstrate your passion and true desire for the job and have a strong call to action so you will get more interviews. Finally, they build your value in the mind of the very Hiring Manager with whom you will soon be interviewing. A job search without them can be mission impossible…

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