Example Cover Letter For Resume – Tactics to Make the Recruiter Pick Up the Phone

You can pull a cover letter off the web. It will be expedient. But be truthful. It won’t get you the job. A cover letter that really gets attention has something extra. It doesn’t have to be big or deep. As a matter of fact, sometimes you don’t want it to be. But it does have to make you stand out. You might not think an example cover letter for resume could do that. And by itself, it can’t.

See below for a couple persuasive strategies that will get you noticed in crowd of cover letters.

Condense your letter and add powerful support.

Pare it back. The typical templates you’ll encounter for cover letters reach up to an entire page. A lot of it is boilerplate. Take it out.

Don’t forgo anything crucial. Refine. You’ll stand out for the white space on the page. The recruiter will think you have nothing to say, or something very brief and important. Make sure it’s the latter.

Then press the good will you’ve earned to add in a page of testimonials from co-workers in business and non-profit. If you don’t have personal comments, you can arrange a brief questionnaire for the office. Better still, sign up for LinkedIn. They have a an integrated practice for following up with your colleagues and collecting recommendations .

Address the objections or hide them completely.

There are two ways to handle age or a gap in your employment. Either you take it on directly. Or you bury it.

You can take it on in your cover letter – I know I’m 5 years older than your average hire for this position. Let me tell you what you get for those 5 years. You can pull it off if you’re a strong personality. Otherwise You’ve played into the hidden ageism that still exists in corporate America.

Else, you can hide it by using a functional format. Don’t go chronological at all. Instead, group your strengths around categories of skills necessary for the job. List work experience, education, and volunteer experiences.

Then modify your example cover letter for resumes to point up how thoroughly your skills and experiences cover the needs of the employer.

Make yourself the obvious choice.

Maximize every portion of your job packet to attract the recruiter’s attention. Go get a system that enables you to modify a example cover letter for resume so it is absolutely optimized to get you calls.

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