Learn How to Write a Cover Letter – 7 Essential Elements For Success

Simply put, a resume simply isn’t enough to get you in the door without an amazing cover letter. Some people may think that it is unimportant but the opposite is true.

The cover is what will grab and keep the attention of a busy Human Resources manager and will lead them to take a serious look at your resume.
You need to think of your cover letter as a not only an introduction but also a sales letter that makes the reader what to know more about you.
The cover is where you will get your first chance at an impression and your resume is the place to give more information to the hiring manager. Never get too personal. The hiring manager does not want to know your whole life story, they are mainly interested in why they should bring you on board for the opening that they have right now.
An effective cover letter needs to include 7 essential elements:
1. Always make sure that you address the Hiring Manager, the HR Manager or Interviewer by their name and title. Make sure that you also have their name is spelled correctly. Opening your letter with the old standby, “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern” will be sure to get you tossed to the side. Do your research and find out who you are addressing!
2. Always identify the job you are applying for and use it in the cover letter.By this I mean that you should never use the same letter over and over again. You have to have more than one if you are applying for more than one job. If you use a generic letter like most other applicants, you will not stand out.
3. Make sure that you give a broad overview that sounds more like a headline than a full feature story. This is the one thing that can be included in both your cover letter and on your resume. The “headline” should grab the attention and curiosity of the hiring manager so that you get a chance for a one on one interview.
4. Always include at the very least, three solid reasons why you would be a valuable employee to this company and the position that you are applying for. Never make these up but use some excitement when you make these statements.
5. Always make sure that you ASK FOR THE INTERVIEW. The cover letter is actually a sales letter and the product that you are selling is YOU! It is very possible that you could do an excellent presentation and really grab the interest the hiring manager but then fail to ask for the interview.
6. When closing your cover letter, always avoid the usual, “I look forward to hearing from you”, Instead say, “I would appreciate an interview appointment to allow me to personally present my qualifications for this position.” See the BIG difference?
7. Let your Cover Letter show off your personality! Never use bright paper to make an impression, instead, use your words to make the sale.
This is just the tip of the proverbial ice berg. To find out more about how to Learn How to Write a Cover Letter. follow me over to http://www.simple-cover-letters.info. The tips you will find there are sure to not only get you an interview but will put you first in line when the job offer is handed out!


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