Cover Letters

Cover letters are not always required, but they give you the opportunity to highlight the relevance of your experience and achievements for a particular job.

They can be an important part of your application and should be very carefully targeted at the job for which you are applying.

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Tips For Writing Persuasive Cover Letters

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / September 6, 2011

Despite the desirability of experience as a “wish list item” on any hiring manager’s checklist, job seekers, especially those over forty, often fear losing out to their younger competitors. Notwithstanding […]

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How to Write a Properly Formatted Cover Letter

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / August 23, 2011

A cover letter has many different uses in business, including: An introduction of yourself and/or your company. To outline your services, experiences, and qualifications. To and request a call to […]

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How to Tailor Your Resume for the Job You Are Applying For

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / August 10, 2011

Today’s seasoned professional possess a variety of skills and abilities that benefit the work environment. Corporate employees are expected to keep up with trends within their field of expertise. If […]

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Guerilla Job Hunting – Give Yourself an Edge and Get the Job

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / July 11, 2011

Have a plan A job search is about marketing yourself and, just like any other marketer, you need a marketing plan that will take you from where you are to […]

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Cover Letters and Resumes – Does Paper Really Matter?

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / June 23, 2011

Okay, you’ve updated your cover letters and resume. Now they are polished, bright and terrific. You’ve paid your local resume guru a few bucks to make sure you’ve got smooth […]

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How to Conclude a Resume Cover Letter

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / June 2, 2011

A resume cover letter is an important part of one’s job application. It is the responsibility of the job applicant to carefully craft a resume and cover letter that conveys […]

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