Cover Letters

Cover letters are not always required, but they give you the opportunity to highlight the relevance of your experience and achievements for a particular job.

They can be an important part of your application and should be very carefully targeted at the job for which you are applying.

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Position Your Job Search Tactics To The Right Audience

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / May 26, 2011

Do you know who are you talking to? When you write a cover letter, send a resume, introduce yourself, explain what you do, or ask for advice, do you tailor […]

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Job Search Emails – Avoiding the Spam Filters

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / May 9, 2011

The Subject Line is the Most Important Facet of Your Emails Every job seeker knows that they have approximately 20 seconds or less to impress a hiring manager with their […]

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Getting the First Step in Writing a Cover Letter Right

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / May 6, 2011

The number of people who overlook this simple step to making their cover letter so much more effective is amazing. A cover letter is, to state the obvious, a letter. […]

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How to Send Interview Thank You Emails

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / April 8, 2011

It is good practice for job seekers to do letter writing and sending interview thank you emails, after meeting with a recruiter or company manager. Relaying a thank you letter […]

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How To Land a Job Outside of Your Network of Friends

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / December 17, 2010

Most jobs are found through friends, but what if I don’t have any friends in my field? Reports have shown that a decent proportion of jobs are found through friends. […]

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On the Spot Networking

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / December 13, 2010

We’ve all heard stories about the unexpected ways that some people have landed jobs; the man who gave his business card to a complete stranger in a coffee shop, the […]

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