How to Deal with Being Unemployed

How to Deal with Being Unemployed

I was shopping the other day when I came across an old friend, John (not his real name) who was looking pretty darn good! When I mean by that is, he was tan (hey, we live in Hawaii!) lost some weight and for all general purposes seemed in a fairly good mood – which was, well, kind of unlike him. However, after a few minutes of conversation it became very clear he was somewhat despondent and disoriented as compared to his normal self. What I discovered during the conversation was that he was laid off from his job over eight months earlier and has become a very different person as a result of this job loss.

After a few minutes of conversation I discovered that not only had he given up on his job search but he was becoming a very different person, a person who I found very difficult to even keep a normal conversation with. It was very obvious that because of being unemployed he was struggling with very deep depression, obviously brought on by the loss of his job.

How to Deal with Being Unemployed?

Here is what he disclosed to me during our conversation:

John, for all intensive purposes, has given up on ever finding a decent career position.

He also has not put together a plan, or a strategy, to find a new career opportunity.

John is becoming very dependent on his spouse’s income, and was becoming very concerned his unemployment insurance benefits would be running out very soon!

And, lastly, he has no one, including his spouse (who has basically given up on him) to motivate him, coach him, and hold him accountable to working a job search plan!

John has not had an interview for a job in the past four months he told me. It is this very tough economy, he was claiming, as to why he is not receiving any offers for interviews or even basic phone screens. While I do agree with him that the economy is a major factor in anyone’s ability to find new job prospects, it is ultimately the responsibility of the job seeker to do whatever it takes to get him or her back on track with being gainfully employed.

So ask yourself this very important question: if you are unemployed are you guilty of any of the items listed above? If so, then there, within this short list, is your true answer as to why you are still not working. This economy is not going to be kind to anyone who finds themselves seeking employment. It will, however, reward those who think out-of-the-box, and do whatever it takes to find new opportunities that may be of value to both the job seeker as well as the perspective employer.

All John has to do to turn around his situation is sit down and put together a job search plan and commit to it, working at least three hours a day, every single day. By having a plan he will move forward with creating his own opportunities as well as regaining his self respect and hopefully rebuild a new foundation for inevitable success.

By Dave LaShier. Need a job? Not sure what the next step should be? Visit his website for free information about methods and strategies to find a job.

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