Find a Great Job Without Going to College

You have probably been told the only way to get a good job is to go to college, or to at least an online college.  That’s fine for some people but not everybody is cut out for college. That’s fine for some people but not everybody is cut out for college. Some people are more about being physical then mental. They prefer to work up a sweat than to pick up a book. Where can a guy like that get a good job?

Some guidance counselors will recommend the military. The military is a great career for some people but its not like a regular job. There are a lot of rules and it seems like virtually everybody is giving you orders. It seems very strict. There must be another way.

One job that’s overlooked a lot is to work on an oil rig. Unless you live near one, its probably a career you have never thought about. There is a lot about this career to like. First is the pay. Even starting labor with no experience gets $300 per day. The days are long, usually at least 12 hours and there is no break for 14 days. After that you have to take off at least 14 days. That means roughly 2 weeks vacation every month! Sound good so far?

The work is physically taxing. You might be assigned to scrape and paint or just clean up. Maybe you’ll be asked to move heavy tools from one area to another. As an entry level laborer or roustabout, you are at the bottom of the barrel. But after a few trips, you might get promoted to roughneck. Your responsibilities are increased and so is your pay. You’ll have a couple of roustabouts working for you.

During the time you work on the rig, all your meals are provided. They give you a place to sleep. You may have a suite of your own or maybe just a bunk with 4 other guys. Just remember, you have no expenses while you are on the rig.

After your trip is finished, the company will provide you with an airplane ticket home. When its time for you next trip, they’ll fly you back. You can live anywhere in the world. There are a lot of cool places on this earth. Did you know many retired people move to countries like Costa Rica or Thailand because the cost of living is so cheap, their retirement money goes farther. These countries are totally safe. They count on US dollars to help their economies grow, so they try to make it very safe for foreigners. Another advantage is if you live outside the country, the first $85,000 of your income is exempt from US taxes. This means you pay no US taxes. All the money you make is yours to keep and spend as you want. Ask a tax lawyer or accountant for the rules.

Now is an excellent time. The cost of oil is up, so oil companies are making huge profits. They are reinvesting that money back into more oil wells. There are more jobs than there are applicants. All you need is a list of which companies are hiring. Call a few companies that have openings. You are almost assured of getting a job as long as you are in good physical condition and can take directions. You’ll be making $4200 a month with 2 weeks off before you know it.

Dave Berger is a freelance author. He has lived in South East Asia and many of his friends work on oil rigs. To get a free list of 30 oil companies that have online applications, go to OilRigJobsNoExperience.com.

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