Find Out What A Temp Agency Can Do For You

Many employers nowadays, find it is quicker and less costly to use temporary staff provided by a temp agency for the purpose of filling a short term vacancy. It can also save the employer the considerable expense of going through the recruitment advertising process. The employer saves time and money and the agency provides a temporary member of staff for a fixed fee.

Individuals looking for work permanent or temporary these days may find it difficult due to the economic situation. The days when it was possible to leave one job and walk straight into another have long gone. The whole focus on employment has changed and through no fault of their own, individuals can find themselves out of a job. Or it could be that they have just left school or college and are looking for their first real job opportunity.

However, the longer someone is out of work the harder it may be for them to find another position. As many employers believe that skills and experience can very quickly become obsolete if someone has not worked for even a couple of months. Some employers still work on the assumption that if you have been released from a job for whatever reason, even redundancy, it leaves a question mark over your competence and reliability.

Signing up with a reputable temporary placement agency is a good way to keep skills up to date and relevant. Depending on qualifications and work experience there are industry specific and professional career path recruitment agencies. It is a good way to gain that all important work experience that some individuals may not have had.

In addition to placing people in temporary jobs, agencies have a wide range of services to offer. Individuals are given opportunities that help them develop new skills and to widen their skills base. Individuals who have contracted with them will have the opportunity to access all their services for continual personal development

There is often one to one support on hand to help prepare a professional resume and to prepare for interviews. On completion of a temporary position, they will provide an opportunity for both the individual and the employer to provide constructive feedback on the contract. Good feedback can open up further temporary opportunities for the individual.

Some individuals prefer the benefits of the temporary work to finding a full time permanent position. It allows them a fair amount of flexibility as to when they work and when they do not, making it easier to fit around family commitments. It provides variety and new challenges on an almost daily basis. It can be a real bonus if at some time in the future you want to apply for full time work with a company you have been placed with previously.

Temping is not for everyone, particularly if they are seeking a permanent position. They may find it difficult to adapt quickly to new environments and tasks, which is crucial when taking on temporary positions. The income can be irregular. But for most the opportunities for development and learning that are an inherent part of working for a temp agency far outweigh the disadvantages.

Since 1951, permanent recruitment agencies has assisted organizations efficiently and effectively relize targeted objectives.


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