4 Tips to Prepare For Your Most Effective Interview

It is so very important now, more than ever, to have yourself well-prepared for an interview. Here are some tips to help you present yourself in a positive light and get your prospective employer’s attention. Being well prepared will show interviewers your self-confidence and give you the opportunity to assure they are well aware of your strengths and qualifications.

1. Simply put, be prepared.

Know in advance there are almost certain questions that will be asked regarding your background, education and related experience. You want to be able to explain your specific skills and training that will apply directly to that which you can bring to your interviewer’s company. The more specific you are the more value you offer to your prospective employer. It can also be beneficial to clearly explain how this company fits into your overall goals and career objectives. Don’t be afraid to voice your ambitions. This is more likely to prove your long-term benefit to the company.

A professional resume service would be a worthwhile investment to assure your strengths are appropriately highlighted.

2. Find out as much as you can about the company.

The Internet should offer a wealth of information. You could find out some things about the executive officers, the company profile and history, the number of offices and where they might be located. You can use professional listings to glean more information, maybe even something about the person you are scheduled to interview with. Thoroughly read their company website.

If that information might not be provided online, for whatever reason, you could always call the company and request some pamphlets, sales materials, catalogs and brochures are sent to you. By knowing as much as possible about the company may well be the little thing that shows your interviewer your initiative and desire to be involved with them.

3. Have in mind a firm salary range.

The position may have a posted salary range based on experience. It is always possible that there are those that may be at a point of desperation that they will offer their services for much less than the market may usually dictate for an equivalent position. That is something you will have to decide for yourself. It will include many factors beyond just getting a job.

Do you see it as an opportunity where, over time, you believe you will prove your worth to where you can negotiate a better wage when things become rosier for businesses? Maybe this position is one that will benefit you later because of moving you closer to your overall objectives for your career. It is important to consider the training and experience this position may offer in establishing your future and building your resume.

4. You gain experience from each interview you partake in, no matter the outcome.

Be realistic and know the challenges that all are facing in these trying times. Get as many interviews as is possible and work to improve each one from what you learn. It is not inappropriate to follow-up with your interviewer and see if they might offer some advice you could apply in the future.


BoomersNextStep Guest Author

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