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The Smallest Marketing Tool Boasts Maximum Power

Job searches average six months! Good strategies, like a targeted position, networking or relationship building, a great resume and an effective short “pitch” will all tighten the job hunt timeline. Innovative ideas, used wisely, can accelerate those timelines further. Re-inventing the business card as a job search tool can be a powerful addition to the job hunter’s strategies.

This card, whether named a networking card, calling card, or job search card, is a self-marketing tool, as are the resume and cover letter. It has one great advantage: its size. Unlike the resume, it is easy to carry, readily accessible, and, easily tucked into the recipient’s wallet, unlikely to be prematurely discarded.

The card’s contents are critical. At the very least, it must contain the obvious: name, contact info, and the position you are looking for. But, in creating such a card, you must also pay attention to the use of colour and design elements. Too much colour and you’ll put people off; too much info, and you’ll confuse the eye, too much design (unless you are in the arts) and you’ll look outlandish.

Communicate Your Value Most importantly, your card must contain a tag line or value proposition. With a few well-chosen bits of information, your words can influence the recipient’s interest. Remember that money talks: show how your employ benefited a past employer. If you didn’t generate income (as our sample Sales Manager below), perhaps you redistributed tasks and reduced payroll by one position; improved customer service and significantly reduced time spent dealing with complaints; aligned a Human Resource process with business needs that supported a corporate goal; improved hiring strategies and reduced turnover; revitalized a downtown core by identifying, customizing and implementing a trend… the possibilities are limitless.

With advances in technology, anyone with a computer and printer can generate his or her own cards. No need to pay for printing, if cost is a factor. For a small investment, the job hunter can reap huge dividends.

The How-to’s In addition to your contact info, add a LinkedIn profile address if you have one, and list your title or the position you are going for. Finish with a bullet or two that show your accomplishments. (If you are tech-savvy, you may choose to distribute information on both front and back of the card.)

Here’s a sample:

Joseph P. Jobhunter address contact info LinkedIn address

Tech Sector Sales Manager, Award-winning 10 years’ experience

– history of increasing market share, identifying new sales channels, and leading national sales teams to No. I by exceeding sales goals

What a great first impression. It stirs immediate interest, and can provide that much-needed competitive edge in today’s challenging job search environment.

Award-winning and published professional resume writer, Stephanie Clark, is owner of New Leaf Resumes, a full-time resume writing and interview coaching service. Her global clients range from entry to senior level, and have one thing in common: serious about managing their career options, they appreciate working with an expert.

Published in several American and Canadian career publications, Stephanie also writes a weekly career article for a local daily paper.

Stephanie Clark delivers strategic resumes and unforgettable cover letters by staying ahead of industry trends through participation in, and leadership of, classes in resume design and content development. She continues to hone her own talents with classes from America’s leading resume writers, Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow, of the renown Resume Writing Academy.

Recently invited to contribute as an Invited Expert Blogger, you can follow Stephanie’s interview blog at http://www.careerthoughtleaders.com/blog.

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