Curiosity Doesn’t Kill the Cat – Questions to Ask During an Interview

After you have submitted your application letter to your desired company to work for, you are most probably waiting for them to call you for an interview. And once you are lucky enough to hear that magical “ring” on your phone, with someone on the other end asking you to drop by their office for an initial interview – you suddenly ask yourself: “What’s next?” Well, aside from preparing for your best looking outfit and conditioning your mind to “feel” your best, you may need to prepare yourself by thinking of questions to ask during an interview.

Not The Time to be Spontaneous

Although being spontaneous is a good thing, because you would give an impression that you are bubbly and perky, you might want to prepare your questions to ask an employer in an interview so that you will come off as smooth, prepared, and well-composed. If you are not prepared with your questions to ask during an interview, you might as well not ask because it might end up badly causing you to lose the position.


To come up with effective and catchy questions to ask an employer in an interview, you have to have a good background of the company that you are applying for. If you are not very familiar with the company that you are applying for, it would be best if you research about it – its background, history, operations, etc. That way, you can formulate questions that are relevant and can strike an impact (a good one) to your employer.

Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time

Assuming that you are already prepared with questions to ask during an interview, you just can’t blurt out your questions in the middle of the interview. You have to know the perfect timing to ask a specific question or else you might make your potential employer think that you are a scatterbrain. Try to feel the conversation first and be alert and witty enough to know when to ask your questions. That way, your interview with your potential employer will go smoothly. Anyway, you are always given the change to ask after each interview so you’d better grab that opportunity.

Knowing what questions to ask during an interview will not only give you an edge among the other applicants (especially if your questions are interesting and relevant), but it will also give your potential employer an impression that you are interested in learning more about the company as well as envisioning yourself working in that company in the future.

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