Get That Interview Every Time

Prospective employers will use selection processes to confirm that you have the required knowledge, skills and willingness to contribute and fit into their organisation’s culture. They also want to see if your career aspirations are in line with opportunities available within the organisation. They are looking for the potential in you to become a valued, trusted and productive team member.

In order to make the most of each opportunity, you need to present yourself to a prospective employer. In order for you to do this, most companies will ask for your Resume or (CV).

Think of your CV as your sales brochure. You are managing your own personal marketing campaign and your destiny is in your own hands. You will need to prepare fully. Spending some time on getting it right may make all the difference in getting the job you really want. The time you put in to developing your CV will also provide you with an excellent starting point for your interview preparation.

When assessing a job advert, you will need to study the advert and highlight the main points that show what the employer is looking for.

In addition to this, read between the lines. Think about what other requirements they will be looking for which are not actually stated.

For example:

Results driven

Are there targets set? Do you thrive on success?

Good communication skills

Does it involve networking? Will you be dealing with a variety of people? Is there report writing?

Unsociable hours

Does this include shift work? Will overtime be required? Would you be expected to partake in overnight stays or weekend work?

Also consider what you know about the nature of the work, the industry, or that particular employer. This knowledge will help you to predict the sort of person the employer is likely to be looking for.Think about which requirements are essential and which would be desirable. Make a list of these requirements and think about what you have to offer that matches what the employer is looking for.

There are many views around about CVs but there is no set format. Remember, your CV has only one objective – to generate an interview! It is your personal advertisement and the message must be clear and easily understood. Don’t expect the reader to read between the lines or spend too much time reading it. Go for IMPACT.

Graham Moore http://successful-job-interviews.blogspot.com/ Graham has 9 years experience working with companies and individuals in the areas of recruitment and development. Follow my bog for further free tips and advice.


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