Interview Techniques For Teachers – What to Prepare Before an Interview

Preparing for an interview, be it for teaching or other jobs, is basically just the same. But the very important interview techniques for teachers is to know your teaching philosophy to be really prepared for an interview. Knowing this will help you better understand what you need from a school administration to boost your professional growth and success.

Before the actual interview, do your homework first. Do some research about the school, its culture and mission statement. You may also look for the activities that they offer which you might be interested in leading or joining. It will create a good impression on the administration if they know that you are knowledgeable about their school.

Other interview techniques for teachers include giving specific answers to the questions being asked to you and looking professional during the interview. The interviewers for teaching posts are very particular about a prospective teacher’s teaching style and philosophy. So, it is recommended that you highlight these things during the interview and cite specific examples of lessons that you are very proud of. In presenting this, you should mention how you planned it and how student learning was assessed.

It is also suggested as part of the effective interview techniques for teachers that you present your portfolio during the interview. This is very beneficial in giving you a better chance of getting hired. You can use your portfolio by explaining your lesson and showing how you modified the instruction when you encountered problems. You can also show student work and your rubric for grading as part of the portfolio to impress the interviewers.

The most important interview techniques for teachers during the interview itself is to make an eye contact with the interviewer or panel of interviewers while answering their questions. This shows your confidence and creates a connection with the audience. Do not be afraid also to accept new challenges and be open for it. This will show your professionalism and being a team player.

To prepare for the interview means to prepare for the possible questions that might be asked to you as well. Basically, the questions will start with what’s on your resume. These questions would focus on your qualifications, training, teaching skills, work experience, and classroom management style. The most common questions that you might encounter are about handling difficult students, motivating students to be good in school, handling parent-teacher confrontation, and increasing parent involvement in their children’s education.

Aside from practicing how to answer interview questions, it is also included in the interview techniques for teachers to practice your listening skills. Remember that good listening skills can be learned and it takes constant practice to master it. You will not only need it during the interview but in the classroom as well if you already start practicing your profession.

Another helpful interview technique for teachers is for you to get a brief tour to the school to see how the student and teachers interact and the condition of the school itself. Doing this will help you better understand the schools’ culture and management style.

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