Job Search 101 – Top Ten Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Get Hired

LinkedIn is the revolutionary networking website that has been trying hard to unite and empower all professionals since 2003. I can promise you, if you expend some effort on LinkedIn, you will get a fine return on those efforts for years to come.  Creating a complete LI profile there may seem daunting at first. But chip away at it in stages during your normal downtime, and before you know it, you are done. Fortunately, all your existing contacts can be instantly transferred to LI and you can cut and paste your resume, so it is not all that hard. After that you want to focus on making relevant connections, getting recommendations, best answer awards and enhancing your profile with attached documents like some recommendation letters, PowerPoint demonstrations, audio files or more photos. Think of it like a modern day career portfolio that just happens to be on the Internet.

As promised here are the top ten ways LI will help job hunters:
1.      The most obvious and powerful empowerment is through the new doors opened by personal networking.
2.      The advanced people search means you will always be able to proactively search out new opportunities.
3.      You will usually be able to find a specific person’s name to send introductory cover letters to.
4.      The Questions and Answers Forum allows you to have job hunting questions answered by the experts.     
5.      Many job listings are exclusive to LinkedIn because higher quality candidates are being recruited there daily.
6.      Get the inside track to your next job opportunity by knowing:  “Who is in my network at this Company?”
7.      Your profile is a powerful marketing tool and is found in the search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing.
8.      You can easily pursue employment opportunities on LI in stealth mode without your employer knowing.
9.      LI groups allow you to focus in on your profession, job hunting and those areas where you need help.
10.   Employers and Recruiters always search for candidates on LI and routinely examine LI profiles.

Personal networking has always allowed people to get the inside track to any job. When you use a great introductory cover letter along with your resume which references your inside connection you are no longer a stranger. Frankly, there is so much success using this technique, I often wonder why folks bother to submit resumes to any job postings where the employer is not even identified. Many of those postings are purely for information gathering purposes (resume databases, marketing list sales and telemarketing list sales) especially where they can post free job postings like Craig’s List. In summary, you cannot afford to not be on LinkedIn because the results you get there with a quality profile are so much better.

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