Margo Rose – Founder/CEO HireFriday.com – Networking For Job Seekers

Margo Rose is a performance consultant specializing in facilitating business education.  She is an adjunct professor, and is certified to teach 15 business improvement topics.  Margo presents at conferences, seminars, and professional associations, including fortune 500 companies.

HireFriday: it’s about community. Our goal: To grow the HireFriday community to one million strong by the end of 2011.

Margo Rose is the Founder & CEO of  The HireFriday Community & Movement.

Rose blends social media strategy, and human resources to strengthen job seeker, employee, and employer, and business brands. Margo realized that the strength of HireFriday is in its community. HireFriday increases your findability factor by making you rise to the top of google, bing, and all search engines.  HireFriday optimizes your presence on internet platforms (SEO) on the open web.  HireFriday blends the human resources and social media sphere with seamless continuity.

Margo is excited about launching HireFriday Boot Camp podcasting, coaching, webinars, seminars, ebooks, and training services. Margo partners with a preferred list of recruiters, executive coaches, resume writers, human resources professionals, job boards, and employers to bring you the best that career development has to offer.This is a place where employers and candidates convene.

Our industry specific podcasts will move your career forward.

Upcoming workshops will teach candidates how to harness social networks to land their next job.  In addition, our team of experts help job seekers develop linkedin profiles that get them get noticed by hiring managers, and recruiters alike.  We are committed to helping job seekers traverse the labrynith of the job search process so that they don’t waste time.  The goal of HireFriday is accelerate re-employment.

Margo has facilitated leadership development seminars throughout the United States.  Her blog HRMargo.com,  linkedin group, and Facebook fan page focuses on career development, human resources, and recruiting. She is Guest blogger on Talent Culture, RecruitingBlogs, and RCEURO.com, the recruitment community for Europe.

Margo interviews industry leaders on the blogtalkradio showhttp://blogtalkradio.com/comphr., Compassionate HR. She invites her guests to share their inspirational stories of steward leadership, strategic philanthropy, service learning, and corporate responsibility http://blogtalkradio.com/comphr.

HireFriday’s goal is provide visibility and networking opportunities to job seekers worldwide. HireFriday is now active in the UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Geneva.

HireFriday’s leadership team includes experts in the following:

Career Discovery
Career Development
Interview Preparation
Networking and Marketing Strategy
Making the most out of your strategic connections

Job Board selection and navagation
Tweet construction to derive maximum value from HireFriday
Making the first outreach company call

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Campaign Development
Social Media Training
Job Search Strategy
Career Coaching
Linkedin Coaching
Inbound Marketing

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